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Information technology (IT) is applied to business by means of the systems that automate transactions, provide management information, and serve customers. Therefore, business leaders must make intelligent decisions in developing IT strategy, evaluating software vendors and using business systems, such as ERP, CRM, and supply chain management (SCM). They also must carry out those decisions with the appropriate mix of skilled technical resources. 

IT Strategy

IT Strategy Consulting
Information technology today is a critical function in many organizations. Yet, in many companies, IT systems and processes are poorly aligned with the goals and objectives of the business. With an equal focus on business as well as technology, our IT strategy consultants can facilitate development of a coherent IT business strategy for the organization. Our business IT strategy consulting services can include any or all of the following: business strategy review, IT alignment assessment, IT portfolio health assessment, IT infrastructure and IT security assessment, user problem/issue analysis, IT spending and staffing benchmarking, IT strategy formulation, and multi-year IT strategic planning.

IT Due Diligence 
Assessing the information technology function of a potential acquisition or investment is an important part of due diligence. In our IT due diligence services, our business and technical consultants assess the current state of the target's IT capabilities, identify opportunities for cost savings, assess risks in IT systems, infrastructure, or organization, and outline scenarios for future systems. Our business IT consulting services can be tailored to your specific deal, from a quick overall assessment to an in-depth analysis of specific areas. Our IT consultants are also available to assess and improve the IT capabilities of organizations within an existing investment portfolio.  

IT Due Diligence (PDF)>>

Software Evaluation and Implementation

Software Evaluation and Selection
Over the past decade, systems such as enterprise resource planning (ERP), supply chain management (SCM), customer relationship management (CRM), and enterprise asset management (EAM), have promised great benefits. But evaluating and selecting the right software vendor can be difficult. You must define key requirements, identify candidate vendors, organize demonstrations, and separate truth from hype. Choosing the wrong vendor or software package can be costly.

Our ERP consultants and other IT consulting staff provide unbiased advice for vendor evaluation and selection of new systems. With our requirements knowledge base and structured methodology, our ERP consultants help you define your key requirements, identify a short list of qualified vendors, develop scenarios for proof of concept, facilitate software demonstrations, conduct vendor due diligence, and plan for implementation. Furthermore, because we do not sell software or "partner" with any software vendors, our system consultants have the independence and objectivity necessary to give unbiased advice.

Software Selection Methodology (PDF) >>

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IT Project Risk Mitigation
Large IT projects are notoriously risky, and executives are becoming increasingly concerned about the devastating effects of IT project failure. Although the factors that lead to project success are well-understood, many organizations do not know how to evaluate their own projects for warning signs. As an independent third-party, Strativa is in a unique position to assist clients in developing IT project risk mitigation strategies. With our project success assessment toolset, we survey all project stakeholders--internal and external--against 50 proven criteria for success, evaluate the importance of each factor and probability of failure, and analyze the results. The deliverable from this service is a custom report outlining areas where the project is vulnerable with specific recommended actions to mitigate these risks.

Implementation Program Management
Selecting the right system is just the beginning. The system must then be configured and implemented. But many companies do not have the experience to manage a project with the scale of an ERP implementation or a supply chain management (SCM) roll-out, for example. As a result, ERP implementation projects often take longer than necessary, cost more than planned, and do not deliver all of the promised benefits. Strativa can serve as your "general contractor" or program manager for ERP implementation, CRM implementation, supply chain system rollout, or other major enterprise system deployment. We provide a qualified project manager, who will manage the various vendors and service providers, and coordinating all of the project resources internally and externally--to deliver the system on time and within budget.

Project and Program Management Services (PDF) >>

Existing/Legacy System Evaluation
Many companies make investments in information systems such as ERP but do not receive the promised benefits. A recent Conference Board survey revealed that 40% of the respondents failed to achieve their business case for an ERP implementation and that they require "substantial post-implementation efforts to identify and measure shortcomings and deficiencies in their use of the system." Such companies do not need new systems--they need to make better use of the systems they already have, whether they be ERP systems, CRM, SCM, or legacy systems needing modernization. To address this need, our IT consultants can deliver a rapid and cost-effective assessment to help you receive more value from your existing or legacy systems. We identify major constraints to effective use of the system, perform the information system assessment, formulate recommendations, and assemble an action plan for full realization of benefits.

Applications Effectiveness Methodology (PDF)>>

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